Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Intelligent Solutions: Steps to Ensure Successful Outsourced Product Development

Successful launch of product development hinges heavily on cautious planning, unambiguous characterization, and effectual communication. To completely define your outsourced product development projects and accordingly map out your road to success, three primary rungs of analysis must be done with a well thought out process, comprising Product Requirements, Project requirements, and Design Requirements.

Product Requirements

It usually starts with customer or marketing requirements and flows through the system engineering and regulatory process to fully define how the product will look, feel, and perform once it is complete.

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Project Requirements

Precisely, project requirement process sketches out a clear development plan that considers and documents interface points, tools, risks, and defines how information will flow, how system will be used, and how obstacles will be overcome.

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Design Transfer Definition

The design transfer definition comes at the final step to ensure successful outsourced product development. The optimal end result from this process is a sender that fully understands the formats, templates, and best-practices expected by the receiver and a receiver that knows which outputs will be sent and in what format and timeframe to expect them.

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Bottom Line
With careful, up-front analysis of the product, project, and design transfer requirements as a critical first step, your company will be on the road to outsourced product development success.

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