Thursday, November 10, 2005

Intelligent Solutions: Optimized Articles

7 Techniques to Ensure Higher Rankings on Search Engines

Optimized articles help web sites get higher rankings on search engines. Webmasters love to link such sites which provide relevant information. To maximize the benefits of writing unique articles, it makes smart business sense to go for optimized articles to get the web site of those posted articles placed higher on search engine results pages.

Optimized Articles: Techniques
To write an optimized article, you need to apply a host of search engine techniques throughout the content of the article. Given are the 7 techniques of writing optimized articles:

Optimized Articles Technique 1
Select Targeted Keywords

Optimized Articles: Technique 2
Put Top Targeted Keyword in the Article’s Title

Optimized Articles: Technique 3
Spread the Keywords throughout the Content

Optimized Articles: Technique 4
Place Keywords in the First Paragraph of the Article

Optimized Articles: Technique 5
Incorporate Keywords in the Final Paragraph

Optimized Articles: Technique 6
Enclose subheadings with h HTML tags

Optimized Articles: Technique 7
Article submission
to online publishers

Optimized Articles fetch increased ranking on various search engines.

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