Friday, October 28, 2005

Intelligent Solutions: Why Search Engines Love Quality Content Web Sites?

What Makes A Web Site Successful?
Content, content, and content. To have a successful web promotion, you need to have quality content as search engines understand content or plain html text. Content with right mix of keywords not only ensures higher search engine rankings but also drives increasing number of potential customers to your web site.

Driving traffic to your web site is just one aspect of search engine optimization. What makes the difference and enhances your visibility on Google, Alta Vista, Yahoo and other search engines is the content, a treasure trove out of the ordinary and valuable information that keep your visitors coming back frequently. Beyond doubt, content of a web site must be interesting if it is to be effective.

What Makes Quality Content?
In today’s Information technology driven world flooded with information and content glut, what makes quality content that get your visitors hooked to your web site? And, how do you charm your visitors with interesting content?

What Makes Content Friendly to Visitors & Spiders?
Given are the ways of good content creation with which you can grab the attention of search engine spiders and targeted traffic:

•Plan and Identify Keywords and Audience before You Write
•Use of Interactive and Active language
•Write Articles & Blogs
•Place regular Press Releases
•Use of Anchor text
•Avoid Over-optimizing

Creating good content is a facilitator that lets your visitors to delve deeper into your web site. Taking the time to develop your content and strategy to optimize for spiders will pay off in returning visitors and good search engine rankings.
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Monday, October 24, 2005

Intelligent Solutions: Web maketing with Article writing

Promotionworld, the free search engine submission and website promotion site, has published recently my write-up on Article writing, which has steadily become a proven web promotion tool for your website/online business/ online services. Out of various ways of web marketing, article writing related to your business field and distribute them for free is an effective and low-cost way of web promotion.
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Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Intelligent Solutions: Outsourcing content development: ensure a WIN, WIN situation

Outsourcing content development requirement to an offshore content development writer asks for serious deliberation as writing optimized content in tandem with business objective and strategy demands in-depth understanding of industry vertical for which content is developed.

Usually, people find quite intriguing the idea of hiring offshore content developers as they need to:
•find a right content writer that does outsourcing for this sort of thing.
•understand the benefits and hazards of outsourcing content development requirements.
•understand the privacy and security issues.
•set a standard pricing policy.

If all such questions keep recurring to your mind, then one thing is very clear that you understand the significance of website content development, which is just not the replication of printed content. Website content development incorporates distinctive writing talent and skill that integrates well with all search engines. A content developer needs to have a strategic understanding of search engine optimization techniques while developing content for websites.

How to outsource content development project?
To resolve perplexing situation, one needs to take into consideration following points while outsourcing content development requirements:

•Look for established website content development provider specifically one who has proven expertise of writing in your industry vertical that can help you achieve the desired results.
•Ensure a clear cut communication and specify your requirements before the start of the project.
•Remunerate the content writer either monthly or make payment based on project and types of research and skill required for developing the content. Precisely, it means describe the target audience and what you aim to achieve with the content at the beginning of the outsourced project. Once this is done, there shouldn't be any anomalies in getting your content developed.
•Make your outsourcing deal with credible and well established content writers. Make the content developer aware of your Intellectual property and other privacy and security issues.

Sunday, October 09, 2005

Intelligent Solutions: Offshore Product Development: Rising Trend In India

With increasing cost of development, changing market dynamics and the need to shorten the time-to -market are factors forcing software companies to a new wave of outsourcing called offshore product development(OPD).

Nasscom also predicts that the Indian product development market is estimated to grow to $8-11 billion by 2008.

Emerging players in the offshore product development feel that offshore product development will going to open immense opportunities for new breed of India based product development vendors.Though India is by far the premier choice for outsourcing, offshore product development vendors, however, see threats from emerging outsourcing destinations like China, Russia, Canada,etc.