Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Intelligent Solutions: "Outsourced Product Development” ranked top at IT Toolbox Wiki

Your content writer is chosen the top contributor at IT Toolbox Wiki for his article “Outsourced Product Development”. It is published in the March 7 edition of PM-Decision-Makers Newsletter.

Outsourced software product development is primarily a means of leveraging an organization's resources and infusing new thought, skills and expertise, while reducing time to market. Outsourced product development is the obvious remedy to the current market scenario where technology, skills and approaches are momentary.

Outsourced product development requires the offshore team to work in very close collaboration with the client's engineering team. In the process, partnering with an OPD service provider let independent software vendors (ISVs) leverage a strong value proposition, low time to market, reduced development costs and quality manpower.

Offshore outsourcing phenomenon has been making waves across the nations of the world for many years. Companies have long outsourced software and products development to offshore development facilities equipped with state of the art infrastructure and armed with best of the breed talented professionals, offering world class services at reasonable price. In spite of some concerns remains, such as job protectionism and intellectual property, the economic benefits continue to be a big differentiator, driving IT organizations to outsourced product development. Apart from cost effective business proposition, the massive growth and widespread adoption of offshore IT services are results of following interrelated global developments:

The depressed economic environment, rising globalization of business, increasing business complexity, and technological advances are, in combination, crystallized the adoption of outsourcing, causing the emergence of outsourced product development.
Apart from tactical objectives such as cost-effectiveness and focus on core competition, strategic objectives are playing more prominent differentiators, and more and more companies use outsourcing either to make a distinct marketing edge or to score over their competitors.
The emergence of new opportunities and the shifts in demand drivers are, in turn, causing an expansion and transformation of the competitive landscape for outsourcing services, throwing open the door to a diverse range of skills and capabilities, and strengthening the overall outsourcing value proposition.

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