Sunday, November 13, 2005

Intelligent Solutions: Outsourced Product Development - Rising Phenomenon

Outsourcing today is no longer seen as an option only for repetitive, non-innovative, and non-strategic functions; it is increasingly being evaluated and regarded as a viable option for more strategic business functions. One such area that has seen new and growing interest in outsourcing is outsourced product development.

In the backdrop of speedily changing business environment, stiff competition, and declining market shares, companies have been challenged to expand into new markets, introduce new and innovative products, and apply the latest offshore product development technology to their development work.

Major outsourcing driving factors:

•Cost efficiency
•Focus on core business
•Reduce/manage risk
•Solve business process issue
•Access to technology
•Optimize application investment
•Headcount reduction
•Transfer management and maintenance
•Achieve cost variability
•Asset reduction
•Access to global expertise
•Derive incremental revenue

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